I’ve been a photographer practically all my life and have worked professionally for over 36 years.

As a child, I spent all my freetime taking and making fotos at my birthplace in Wisconsin, USA. Throughout my early school years and later at the University of Wisconsin, photography was the center of life. At age 19, I became a military photographer and finished my education working for the US Air Force. My career as a military photography enabled me to live throughout the USA and Europe in Italy, Greece, England and Turkey. My work was extremely diverse, encompassing studio, portrait, documentary, press, aerial, medical, criminal and industrial photography and all the accompanying darkroom work. At age 40, I retired from Air Force as a Master Seargent and an award winning Master Photographer.

I moved to Denmark for the lovely sunny weather. Well, actually “på grund af kærlighed”. My first 5 years here, I worked as a medical photographer and then in professional custom photographic laboratories in København. Being a visual person, I also struggled through courses in the challenging danish language.

I moved my family “ud på landet” in 2005 and since then have called the trikant area home.

I now work as a freelance photographer providing my private customers with portraits and reportage for famililie, weddings, confirmations and parties. Additionally, I produce images for commercial advertising and social media.

I work primarily mobile, coming out to my customers with portable studio equipment.

It may sound cliche’, but I love my job. If I won the big lotto jackpot tomorrow, I would just keep on doing photos.